Nathan Darby, HIS/D

Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Nathan’s technical understanding is unique in the hearing care industry — he holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science which gives him a full understanding of the principles behind the technology, allowing him to provide deeper, more customized hearing care for his patients.

Nathan spent the early part of his career as a telecommunications developer, moving on to management roles at Oracle and LWSI (Lavender and Wyatt Systems, Inc.). When LWSI was acquired by Netsmart Technologies in 2015, Nathan switched gears and began interning and studying under his dad, Charles, then-owner of Chenal Hearing. The stars aligned, and it became obvious this was the right profession and path for him.

Nathan likes that owning the practice means he can stay independent. He can take the time needed to interact and educate his patients, so they feel heard and walk away satisfied with their hearing devices. He likes that as a Hearing Instrument Specialist he can use his expertise with technology to make a difference in people’s lives in a tangible way.

Nathan loves meeting with his patients, and he approaches challenges with humor and understanding. He grew up in Little Rock, went to college at Baylor and then returned to his hometown where he now lives with his wife and two teenage kids.