Couple after a hearing test in Little Rock

A recent study shows that only 1 out of 6 seniors with hearing loss actually do anything about it. When asked why, 67% of those seniors responded with an unfounded fear that they would appear to others as old or feeble if they wore hearing aids.

However, when asked if they viewed hearing aid wearers negatively, only 8% said yes. So it’s clear that many seniors have an incorrect perception about wearing hearing aids and overestimate how others may view them. The study also pointed out that 1 in 4 seniors purposely avoid interacting with those that have hearing loss. It’s very important for you to stay socially engaged. Hearing loss is known to accelerate cognitive decline and early onset of dementia. Although you may think you hear just fine, if you do in-fact have hearing loss, you need to understand that it can negatively impact your health and daily life and unfortunately impacts those around you.

Put simply…if your eyesight fails, you may benefit from glasses…and if you have hearing loss, you may benefit from hearing aids. All it takes, to know for sure if hearing aids would help you, is to get a hearing test.

Take the needed action. Have your hearing tested.

Better hearing improves life! Guaranteed!!!