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“It’s all about that bass” … well not exactly!  Nor is it all about volume.  In fact, hearing aid adjustment is a highly complex process that is individualized and specific to each and every wearer.  One size does NOT fit all.  You’ll hear people say they can’t hear any better with their aids than without.  What they really mean is they don’t understand any better.  Most likely they have older aids that may not have the newer digital frequency shaping technologies or they’ve “outgrown” the capability of the aids they’re currently wearing.  “Just turn ‘em up louder” you say!  Increasing volume rarely “fixes” speech understanding issues.  Why?  Understanding speech is a cognitive function (brain associated) rather than an ear function.     Proper hearing and understanding with hearing aids is a delicate balance between the needed amplification of sounds in the specific weaker frequency area of the speech spectrum PLUS the rehabilitation of the cognitive abilities for understanding those renewed frequencies.      I’d love to discuss with you the specific issues you may have and see how we might best improve your hearing AND understanding.   C.W. Darby MA, HIS/D
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