We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Jim W.

"Very professional and stress-free process. From the first meeting, Mr. D. took the time to fully answer all my questions and explain the procedures. Highly recommend!"

Adolfo A.

"I purchased my hearing aids from Charles D., owner of Chenal Hearing Center. I was given a comprehensive hearing evaluation and fitted for hearing aids in both ears. I have been very pleased with both the service and the hearing aids. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a hearing impairment and is looking for a solution."


"I have used my hearing aids for four months — and what a difference they have made — enjoying hearing all the conversations. I advocate 'earlier' instead of 'later' in choosing to buy them. The charger is a tremendous saving, too."

Tony & Mike

"Thank you for helping out my Dad. If there were more people like you, this world would be in peace. Thank you again."

Joel Nicholson

"You have hit the best hearing level I've ever had! I'm really enjoying being able to hear so clearly now! Thank you! I'm glad you patiently adjusted my hearing aid settings after it was returned from the repair center. It is really an enjoyable time for me to be able to hear again!"

Carolyn Faver

"I love Chenal Hearing. I have gotten the best help and attention here for the past five years. Dr. Darby gave me the most thorough evaluation I have ever had in a hearing test. I definitely recommend Chenal Hearing for all of your hearing needs."


"I just want to express my appreciation for how you've worked with my mom. I know that dementia patients are sometimes difficult, but your patience with her has been astounding. I personally appreciate how you've treated her with respect and dignity, held her hand while talking to her, and calmly repeated instructions when she just couldn't understand. She refers to you as "that nice young doctor" and always asks when she'll see you again. Her hearing is vastly improved and we're now able to communicate with her, something that has been difficult for many years. Thanks so much for your excellent service and patient care."

Joe Waldrum

"I get the best friendly and conscientious service and always hear better every time I leave Chenal Hearing!"

Susan Turk

"Both Charles and Nathan Darby are very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable about hearing issues and up-to-date hearing aid products. I have never regretted visiting their office for help or advice. In my opinion, these men are the best in their field."

Mark Cekoric

"Friendly, competent and easy to work with."


"I have struggled with hearing loss my entire life, I did all the things one does when dealing with hearing loss, like avoiding conversations, sitting in the front of the class, not saying 'what' anymore because it annoys people and just guessing what is being said. (I was usually wrong).
Then I was referred to the Chenal Hearing, CW Darby, MA, HIS/D, by my boss, who went to him with great results. I did not get my hopes up. I have tried hearing aids two different times in the last 10 years and returned them both times because it felt like people were talking in a tin can and amplified things I could already hear. That did nothing to improve my hearing. It was just annoying and made it much worse to understand the words!

After the hearing test he fitted me with hearing aids, adjusted them and WOW! I could hear! It was and still is amazing to me!

I know he is very, very good at what he does, but I think it helps that he also wears hearing aids and can relate and knows listening through a tin can does not work! I cannot thank him enough!"

Ron Frost

"Okay, I am a senior. And being a senior, I have received numerous offers in the mail for 'special hearing aid trials,' lead-ins such as 'your hearing loss could just be wax buildup,' and 'you have been selected to participate in blah blah blah,' or having seen the super expensive, huge ads in the newspaper or magazine. Even the offer to buy one and get one free. Really? I do have hearing loss and finally deciding to research what was out there in the way of brands and such. Found out there are way too many options to sort through or trust, even though tracking software sent more ads to me. Ugh. Did the one right thing though and contacted a company called Zip Hearing who represent a large number of hearing aid manufacturers. After a very pleasant conversation with them and no pressure, they referred me to a couple of audiologist companies in the Little Rock area. Lo and behold, one of them was Chenal Hearing. Turns out, I actually new the owner/operator/audiologist. I knew I could trust him, so after a brief chat on the phone an appointment was made. Received a very thorough hearing test and evaluation. We discussed why I was having trouble understanding spoken words and what my options were in hearing aids. Wore a trial pair and then returned to discuss my experiences and ordered a pair in the color and style just for me. Very pleased with the upfront and fair pricing, too. Even took another short test which showed them and me how, or should I say what, words or sentences I could hear with the hearing aids that I could not hear without them. Most importantly, because of Chenal Hearing I understand that this is a process of not just raising a volume in a certain spectrum but that my brain has to be retrained on what to do with these new sounds it is hearing. The brand of hearing aids I have can be controlled by an app on my phone. Programs include Everyday, restaurant, outdoor, and any special program I might want to set up such as a business or place I frequent. App will even switch to that program automatically if I so desire. And yes, they are Bluetooth enabled, so I can receive calls or listen to music through them or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Sorry this is so long, but visiting Chenal Hearing is on my short list of wise things I did. No, this is not a paid or solicited endorsement."